9 March 2021

Why you need IT Support for your Business

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What is IT Support?

Have you ever found yourself locked out of your computer or your network is down so your entire company or department is at standstill or how about something as simple as the printer won’t allow you to print? Then read on because this article is for you.

The questions you may now be asking yourself are, what is IT Support and why should I be bothered?  Well, according to the Cambridge dictionary IT Support means “technical help or knowledge provided by computing experts.”

The phrase “IT Support” seems generalized and extremely vague to many business owners. Thus, many do not necessarily see the need for it as they do not quite understand what it entails. For this reason, we have outlined a number of requests that came to our Support Mailbox, to give you a better understanding of what IT Support can mean for your business.

Having the below listed issues addressed as they arise, allows businesses and their teams to continue with their work and remain productive.

IT Support Issues Faced

  • When you find yourself locked out of your Admin Account.
  • Staff members forgot their passwords and been locked out of the intranet, MS Meetings, etc.
  • When Teams mysteriously disappears from your desktop
  • When your email account crashes (Outlook not responding)
  • Email Inbox keeps getting flooded with Spam Mail
  • Remove email addresses for staff who no longer work with client’s company or removing legacy email address no longer required
  • Emails being sent out with attachments; however, the email recipients are not getting their attachments.
  • Cleaning items from laptops that are being handed down to other staff members
  • Request to blacklist or whitelist email addresses
  • Request to assign email addresses to persons, in order to access certain management tools
  • Request for assistance locating lost emails or emails not received from customers
  • Request for assistance setting up new laptops or desktops for use
  • Request to replace camera batteries
  • Seeking assistance as network drives in certain locations seem to not be working
  • Request to have database implemented


After receiving our client’s requests/tickets, our team of IT Technicians work to ensure all issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Having good IT Support can boost the overall stability of your company, but it can lead to many other things. Here are some of the other benefits of investing in good IT Support:

Benefits of IT Support:

  1. Fosters productivity
  2. Ensures business continuity
  3. Reduces down time
  4. Address spam and phishing issues
  5. Maintains connectivity between you and your clients
  6. Recovers lost emails
  7. Reduces frustration and employee dissatisfaction
  8. Creates a better working environment
  9. Most importantly it…Saves Money!

We are here to serve and create client satisfaction. Our IT Support is specifically tailored to each client’s need; what you require, we can provide. Reach out to one of our staff members and remember all consultations are free.

Let’s get you connected!

The Cinco Amor Team.