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IT Support

Delivering both onsite and remote support, via our helpdesk we will quickly respond to all our IT related issues.

Network & Installation

For easier mobility and access to information. Our solutions focus on efficiency, connectivity and reliability. 

Security & Backup

Ensuring the security of your data and sensitive information remains our top priority. Security prioritizes the safety of your assets.

Telephony & Connectivity

Experience clear, seamless and reliable communication worldwide. With our cost efficient VOIP service.


Offering scalable solutions for your business to efficiently and securely manage their data. Support a multitude of digital needs.

Remote Working

With hybrid and remote working becoming the new norm. Find out how you can keep your business connected at all times.


IT support is the ability to provide solutions, to the many IT issues which can occur during everyday business operations. This ranges from system & network issues to security and more. To us, all issues are important! Nothing is to be overlooked.

Via our helpdesk, our technicians will respond quickly, answering all incoming queries regarding issues which may arise. We provide professional first line assistance 24/7 365 days a year.


Offering both remote and on-site support, we can provide you on-going support dependent on your individual issue. Focusing strongly on business continuity, we can deliver preventive measures to ensure the smooth running of your systems operation.

Our average response rate of 20 mins, warrants that you can rest assured all enquiries & issues will be investigated and communicated promptly. Our team is committed to providing the highest standard of IT support.


Networking is when one or multiple computers are connected to each other to share information. A good network focuses on efficient speed, connectivity, and reliability. With a good network in place your, network equipment, telephone, and computer systems, can run to their full potential.

Networking allows your business to have:

Easier Mobility
Freedom of movement. As information is stored on the network, you don’t have to be physically stationed at one place to access it.

Easier Access

It becomes easier to share information and communicate with colleagues. As all the data is stored in one central location.

Cost efficiency

Networking can reduce# cost, by allowing hardware and software access to be shared between multiple computers. Reducing the acquisitions of assets your company would need to purchase otherwise.

Our solutions aim to put you, ahead of the competition.


Have sensitive data? Protecting your data and information is of upmost importance. Failure to have a proper infrastructure in place can possibly lead to severe consequences.

Regular backups protect against potential damage or loss of data, from hardware failure, viruses, human error and more. Security needs to be considered for all copies of your data: working data sets, backup and archived copies and computer systems.

With preventatives such as anti-virus software & malware protection, firewall and full e-mail security solutions. Our security solutions ensure your information is kept secure.

We will keep your data & business safe.


Your source of communication should be reliable and affordable. VoIP is a technology which allows you to make voice calls from anywhere in the world via internet data.

From setup and installation, we can provide a full comprehensive service for a fraction of the cost. Ensuring secure, reliable high-speed communication, throughout your entire organisation.



We understand the frustrations of working from home and trying to run a business, especially now, when remote working has largely become compulsory.

The world is changing, more so than we have ever experienced.
Will office working ever become the normality again? Or will working from home continue as the preferred way of doing business? Companies have been segregated and now more than ever, being connected and communicating, with ease and without disruption is critical.
At Cinco Amor, we want to keep you connected.

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