Web Design

Designing the graphics and layout Programming the site Hosting the finished website Do you need some inspiration for a new website? Or does your current website need a refresh? We can offer a full dedicated web design service, which includes, but not limited to, design, graphics, layout, programming and hosting your finished site. We can […]

Security & Backup

Agent includes anti-virus Malware protection Firewall and spam filters Email security Ensure extra security for your systems, with our agent, which includes the anti-virus software. We can offer malware protection, firewall and spam filters as well as full email security.

Telephony & Connectivity

Reliable high speed communication hardware Network connectivity Choice of handsets (IP – Internet Protocol) VoIP Provider (Voice over Internet Protocol – uses the Internet to transmit your phone calls instead of a phone line) Why pay more than you should with a phone line, when you can have a reliable high speed communication set up […]

Networking & Installations

Wired and wireless business network solutions Improve infrastructure Increase performance, while lowering costs From wired or wireless network solutions, we can improve infrastructure all while increasing performance and lowering your costs.

IT Support

Professional first line assistance Fixing immediate problems Preventative measures Remote support At Cinco Amor Ltd. we provide professional first line assistance and support 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer remote support so we are able to fix any issues immediately, as well as setting up preventative measures to ensure smooth running of your systems.
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