18 February 2021

VoIP helps save money.

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This is the second edition in our Creating Cost-Effective Solutions Series.  The purpose of this series, is to show you how using IT Services smartly can save your business money. We will now show you how you can retain some of your hard-earned cash by choosing  VoIP Services for your business. We offer Free Consultations! 

Overview & Requirement

Client C is a business with 10 employees, they had a standard phone line setup in their office and employees were making national and international phone calls on a daily basis. This was creating a large phone bill every month. Once employees left the office, work calls had to be made on personal mobiles, which was then at the expense of the employee which wasn’t an ideal setup.

Client C needed a cost effective solution to bring the price of their monthly phone bill down and also allow employees the ability to make phone calls outside the office, anywhere in the world.

Cost Effective Solution

The best solution for Client C would be to install a VoIP system for the company.

What exactly is ‘VoIP’ I hear you saying, the website voip-info.org breaks this down perfectly for us–
VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. If you have a reasonable quality Internet connection, you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company. Some people use VoIP in addition to their traditional phone service, since VoIP service providers usually offer lower rates than traditional phone companies.”

For Client C, we took over their phone system and brought them over to the VoIP set up. With this software, you are also able to download a ‘softphone’ version onto your mobile phone, so you don’t have to be sitting next to your physical handset to answer calls. This makes it ideal for businesses who now have to work from home either full time or part time, they know that their employees are still able to receive and make calls all via the same phone system wherever they are based. The ‘softphone’ app can then also be used whilst travelling for business, which is much more convenient that downloading data and call packages onto your mobile. There are usually standard additional charges for making overseas calls, however this would be considerably cheaper than using the standard phone line.

We are able to offer packages to suit all budgets and needs for an individual business and the VoIP setup works like a standard mobile phone bill. We are also able to provide the VoIP handsets (if required) and the client is able to either pay for these upfront or we can lease them for a monthly fee.

All these factors are bundled into a bill every month and the client is given a breakdown of all the calls made by employees. This would include any additional costs for international calling which, as standard, isn’t included in the package cost. We offer Free Consultations! 

VoIP is a cost effective solution for Client C due to the fact they have multiple staff members, working from different locations and make a considerable amount of landline and mobile calls every month. The rates are considerably cheaper than standard phone lines costs and during times where most businesses are trying to save money, this option seems like a no-brainer.

The benefits of VoIP far outweigh the benefits of using a standard phone line and we were able to see cost saving for our Client.

Benefits of VoIP 

  • Reduction in the cost of your monthly phone bill – In general, having a VoIP system for your business, instead of a standard telephone line is going to be largely cheaper every month. You will also notice cost savings due to using a single network to carry voice as well as your data.
  • Increased utilisation factors a VoIP system brings – VoIP makes it easier to do certain things that you cannot do on a traditional phone network. For example, with VoIP, you can download the ‘softphone app’ onto your phone or laptop and make calls from wherever you are.

We can also make these changes to improve your business. We  want to  help so we are offering Free Consultations!

After speaking to one of our consultants and you feel it is not for you, you have no commitments.  However if this is something which you think can benefit you, we promise to give 100% quality and service to you.

Team Cinco Amor

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